Wedding Styles

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Now that the wedding planning process has started, you may want to think about what your wedding theme is. This can be incredibly fun too. For fall weddings, you can go with traditional fall colors like yellow, red, and orange or even have a Halloween themed wedding. Some brides and grooms may want to have two or three wedding colors and stick with that. It may be helpful to purchase some searched to see which colors would go great together. It may not be a good idea to pick two bright colors together as it could offset any additional colors that are chosen. One of the most popular wedding themes for fall is the rustic country theme. This theme incorporates burlap and rich brown and tan colors along with the wooden decor. A popular theme for a summer wedding is the beach theme. This theme can do in so many ways. Some weddings themes or styles may also depend on traditions. Some brides and grooms may decide to do a bohemian theme or Greek theme in accordance with their heritage. There are so many styles and themes for the couple to choose from. San Miguel de Allende wedding photographer can help you to capture your awesome moments so you will be able to enjoy your wedding.

What To Include In Your Wedding:
Each wedding may include a different tradition. One of these traditions is allowing others to toast to the bride and groom. They may get up, raise their glass, and provide a speech to the crowd in regards to the bride and groom.

If you choose to include this, it is best to assign people so they may be able to write a speech. Most couples may choose the maid of honor and best man to deliver a toasting speech. Another great tradition is the first dance of the bride and groom and the bride and father of the bride dance. These songs will need to be picked out and coordinated with your music producer for the day. Yes, you can also include a bouquet toss for the bride to toss her bouquet to her single female attendees. Tradition says whoever catches the bouquet will get married next. Then, follows the garter toss where the groom takes off his bride’s garter and tosses it to his single male attendees.

Sometimes, the bride and groom will participate in a cake smash or cake feeding, depending on how playful you want to make it. There are many traditions and events yet u can include in your wedding to make it a fun filled day.